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Where Are They Now?

Robert Vetterline and Danielle Hicks

One of the joys of writing this column is the memories that these students activate. When Danielle and I reconnected via Facebook, I was so proud to see a young family who had succ essfully overcome a number of barriers. After reading some of Danielle’s posts, I had to tease her. I asked her if she envisioned herself with a mini-van and a freezer when she was with us in 2005. Her response was “Kate, l have grown up.” 

Danielle graduated from Gorham Adult Education in 2005 and Robert in 2006. Robby joined the army in 2008. They knew each other in high school and began dating in 2009. 

They married in February 2010 and moved to Fort Hood,Texas. Since then, they have been busy building their family while living a military life. Robbie has served three overseas deployments - two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He returned this spring to Fort Hood from Afghanistan. 

Robbie and Danielle have three children – Joseph age 9, Kendra age 7 and Jillian age 2. Joseph is a Boy Scout and Kendra is a dancer with the Gymkix High Velocity Dance Company. And Jillian is two. What more can you say?

Since marrying, Danielle has juggled parenting (singly for much of the time), volunteering with the Family Readiness Group at Fort Hood, and attending college. She will graduate this spring with an Associates Degree in Applied Science as a paralegal. She is actively looking for a job with a law firm.

Robbie will be leaving the service in 2015. Robbie is proud of his military service, but is also excited to get out and be home with his family. He is planning to go back to school. He is looking to carpentry or computer science. He isn't 100% sure yet. 

Danielle summed up her accomplishments and the hopes for the future, “I am excited to begin my career. It has been a long time coming for me. It's taken me 10 years almost to get my degree but I've done it! I'm excited to have our family in the same place at the same time for more than just a few months at a time. I'm excited to move back to Maine and be near my mom, dad, and gram again.”


Posted by Kate Rotroff  on May 16, 2014 | Read more in: News