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Where Are They Now?

Robert Vetterline and Danielle Hicks

One of the joys of writing this column is the memories that these students activate. When Danielle and I reconnected via Facebook, I was so proud to see a young family who had succ essfully overcome a number of barriers. After reading some of Danielle’s posts, I had to tease her. I asked her if she envisioned herself with a mini-van and a freezer when she was with us in 2005. Her response was “Kate, l have grown up.” 

Danielle graduated from Gorham Adult Education in 2005 and Robert in 2006. Robby joined the army in 2008. They knew each other in high school and began dating in 2009. 

They married in February 2010 and moved to Fort Hood,Texas. Since then, they have been busy building their family while living a military life. Robbie has served three overseas deployments - two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He returned this spring to Fort Hood from Afghanistan. 

Robbie and Danielle have three children – Joseph age 9, Kendra age 7 and Jillian age 2. Joseph is a Boy Scout and Kendra is a dancer with the Gymkix High Velocity Dance Company. And Jillian is two. What more can you say?

Since marrying, Danielle has juggled parenting (singly for much of the time), volunteering with the Family Readiness Group at Fort Hood, and attending college. She will graduate this spring with an Associates Degree in Applied Science as a paralegal. She is actively looking for a job with a law firm.

Robbie will be leaving the service in 2015. Robbie is proud of his military service, but is also excited to get out and be home with his family. He is planning to go back to school. He is looking to carpentry or computer science. He isn't 100% sure yet. 

Danielle summed up her accomplishments and the hopes for the future, “I am excited to begin my career. It has been a long time coming for me. It's taken me 10 years almost to get my degree but I've done it! I'm excited to have our family in the same place at the same time for more than just a few months at a time. I'm excited to move back to Maine and be near my mom, dad, and gram again.”


Posted by Kate Rotroff  on May 16, 2014 | Read more in: News

Congratulations to Samantha Berry


I am excited and proud to announce Samantha Berry's graduation from University of Phoenix with a BS in Business.  She is an inspiration for anyone who is struggling with juggling all things "adult" while working toward a college degree.  It is never easy.  Samantha said in her posting, "Proud moment.  I stuck with school through two pregnancies, and my mom's death, a move to and from Maine and didn't take a break! I am proud of myself but very thankful for those who have helped me along the way."

Samantha became a member of Gorham Adult Education's family in 2003.  She was determined to finish high school while struggling with many challenges in her private life.  And she did it.  In August 2005, she passed the GED and received her Maine High School Diploma.


Posted by Kate Rotroff  on March 11, 2014

Diversity Day

On December 11th, four adult  English Language Learners from Gorham Adult Education participated in the Gorham Middle School's Diversity Day.  The group presented to two different groups of 20 students.  The adults share a bit about life in their native countries, and shared some of the reasons they came to the United States.  Especially interesting was their emphasis on the value of education.  According to one middle school teacher, the students rated this workshop as one of the best they saw that day.

The adult education students were from Sudan, Jamacia, Burundi and Latvia.


Posted by Kate Rotroff  on December 20, 2013

Personal Support Specialist Training (PSS)

Gorham House is sponsoring a Personal Support Specialist training in January.  The class is 50 hours - 40 hours of instruction and 10 hours of clinical experience.  It  will meet Mondays and Tuesdays, Januay 6, 9, 13, 23, 27, and 30, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Please call Dorothy Lamarre at 207-294-2420  for more information.  Mrs. LaMarre is a staff trainer for Gorham House.  Tuition is $350.

Gorham House is located at 50 New Portland Road in Gorham.  


Posted by Kate Rotroff  on December 4, 2013 | Read more in: News

Community Connection for High-Speed, Broadband Internet Technical Assistance.

Gorham Adult Education program is yourCommunity Connection for information on how you can use Maine’s expanding high-speed, broadband internet connectivity to help you meet educational goals, enrich your life, obtain health information, access governmental services and enhance economic and community development. Contact our office and arrange a special presentation on the importance of high speed internet for your civic or social organization.

  Look for this symbol in our catalog. It identifies courses and workshops where you’ll learn about high-speed internet connectivity. This community education program is presented in cooperation with the Maine Department of Education and the ConnectME Authority. Learn more at   and check the speed on your internet connection.

The MARTI project is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act State Broadband Infrastructure Program  Award Number 23-50-M09062  





Posted by Kate Rotroff  on January 20, 2012

Volunteers Needed to Tutor English Language Learners

We have three new English language learners who are waiting anxiously  to begin tutoring.  If you have teaching experience and have at least 3 hours per week to volunteer, we would love to hear from you.  Please call us at 222-1095. 


Expectations for Tutors of English Language Learners 

For Students’ Success: 

Take time to get to know your student.  With a better understanding of her experiences and hopes and dreams, you will be able to tailor your work to fit your student’s individual needs and goals.

Intensity and frequency of instruction is a key element for student progress.  A minimum of two, 1.5 hour sessions per week is recommended.  Also recommended is that you communicate once during the week with your student via e-mail.

Help students set small, attainable goals that enable them to see their progress.

Prepare lesson plans for each meeting that include activities that promote speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Provide homework assignments that are connected to class work

 Help each student develop a portfolio of his work.  Portfolios are a concrete way for students to see their progress.  They also provide a summary of their work for program records.

 Maintain an accurate record of time spent with tutor.  We are required to submit hours to the State of Maine quarterly.

 For Your Success:

 Attend Tutor Orientation.  Orientation will provide suggestions for establishing your relationship with your student; introduce you to available instructional materials and other resources as well as suggestions for lesson planning.

Participate in periodic training that focuses of specific teaching strategies and give you an opportunity to discuss your successes and teaching roadblocks.

Participate in periodic observations.  These visits are designed to give you new strategies for supporting your student.





Posted by Kate Rotroff  on March 7, 2011